2nd Grade Flag Football

Evie has been trying her hand at “Flag Football”.  For those uninitiated, this is a form of American football without the rough bits.  Which makes it ideal for kids.  Somewhat surprisingly girls and boys play this sport together.  Well tonight was their last match so I thought I’d take some snaps for the photo album.  Here’s a link to the pictures:


You can download any you’d like to print out.

I’ve also make a short video – hope you enjoy it!

Champion Regards!

Make Mine Freedom

This is a must watch.  The principles in this cartoon haven’t changed.  Remember the context of what was happening at that time.  Over the pond in Europe, 1948 was the start of the post-war welfare states.  In many ways many of today’s problems can be traced back to these ponzi schemes (entitlement programs).

Evangeline & Pippa Playing in the Pool

It’s starting to get *hot* in central Florida.  Pippa has just finished her swimming lessons and is enjoying her new aquatic skills.  In this clip she does her best to keep up with her older sister!