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4Rivers Barbecue & Luigino’s

I’ve just posted a couple of reviews of two of my favorite Orlando eateries – 4Rivers Barbecue and Luigino’s – take a look and let me know what you think!

Ten Reasons The Euro is (Still) Bad – Part 2

Once a country has joined the Euro there is no reverting back to its old currency.  This is the second reason I gave as to why the Euro experiment is a bad idea.  In 2010 Greece is a good example of a country that may wish to leave the Euro, or one where other member […]

Ten Reasons The Euro is (still) BAD – Part 1:

It’s ten years since I first posted on my website the original Ten Reasons the Euro is BAD.  It’s time for a quick review, so let’s get started. Back in 2000 the UK was debating whether to ditch the pound and adopt the Euro as its currency.  Broadly speaking, the UK Conservatives were in favor of keeping […]

Welcome to my all New Blog

This is the first blog post on my shiny new WordPress blog.  The WordPress interface is truly amazing and makes posting super easy.  Hopefully this will mean I can make post much more often.