To be completely frank – the European Union and the Euro frightens me.   It’s a massive bureaucratic machine that seems to thirst for more power and more control over the lives of Europeans.  It seems to be run by arrogant elitists that are dead-set on telling every European how to live their lives.  I fear for anyone or any country that tries to slow this process.

From 1999 to 2001 I was quite involved in the No Euro campaign.  Most of the material on this site pertaining to Europe and the Euro dates back to this period.  The campaign was extremely well run and successful in ensuring that the UK didn’t ditch the pound for the Euro.  In 2003 I moved, with my family, from the North East of England to the US.  I have to say that the direction and pace of European integration was one fairly significant reason why we were interested in emigrating.  I looked at the undemocratic growth in  power of the European Union since the mid seventies and did not cherish the prospect of my children and grandchildren growing up in a Europe with thirty more years of EU power-grabbing.