Colossian 1 v 15 – 23

The second sermon by Roy Clements

Thank God For Jesus

Preached in 1988 at Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge

Colossians 1 v 1-14

Here’s a great sermon by Roy Clements on Colossians 1 v 1-14:

Why the Church is Growing

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Roy Clements

As a student at Cambridge in the 80s I religiously attended Eden Baptist church.  The minister at the time was Roy Clements. I would say Roy Clements is one of the most influential people in my life (after my family).  In my opinion he was the best preacher in the UK at that time (Don Carson was the supporting act, Mark Dever was the intern!).  For me his special gift was his ability to take a passage from the Bible (any passage) and explain it in such a way as to make its interpretation crystal clear. So clear I often felt as if I’d just interviewed the author to get the inside take,  the director’s commentary, on the passage.  I greatly benefited from his preaching and often thought the main reason I was in Cambridge was going to church (as opposed to boring engineering lectures).

Although I have had no contact with Roy in the last twelve years, he has clearly been facing some challenges.  In fact he seems to have completely disappeared.  I recently came across some old sermons of his on tape.  They don’t seem to have any copyright so I’ve digitized them and plan to make them available as downloads.  The first is a series on Colossians preached circa 1991.