Pippa Learns to Ride a Two Wheel Bike!

She seems to be getting the hang of it quite quickly!

Pippa Learns to Wink

Pippa is starting to wink.  So cute:

Pippa Loves to Cook

Pippa really likes to cook. Here she is helping to make Yorkshire puddings:

Evie’s Gymnastics

Evie just loves her gymnastics. So much so it’s hard for her to walk across an open floor without doing a cartwheel (Oh to have the energy of an eight year old)!  Today was the Little Gym’s 2010 Fall Festival.  As part of the event Evie and her fellow Jets (the display team) demonstrated their skills.  you can see the video of Evie below.  Look out for a guest appearance by Pippa close to the end!

Grandma’s First Cheerleading Lesson

We took this while in the UK this summer.  Evie was amazed that Grandma had never learnt how to be a cheerleader.  She decided to show Grandma what she’d been missing and coaxed her into taking her first cheerleading lesson.  Stephanie and Pippa come along for the ride.  I thought Grandma did remarkably well at following along – see what you think

2nd Grade Flag Football

Evie has been trying her hand at “Flag Football”.  For those uninitiated, this is a form of American football without the rough bits.  Which makes it ideal for kids.  Somewhat surprisingly girls and boys play this sport together.  Well tonight was their last match so I thought I’d take some snaps for the photo album.  Here’s a link to the pictures:


You can download any you’d like to print out.

I’ve also make a short video – hope you enjoy it!

Champion Regards!

Evangeline & Pippa Playing in the Pool

It’s starting to get *hot* in central Florida.  Pippa has just finished her swimming lessons and is enjoying her new aquatic skills.  In this clip she does her best to keep up with her older sister!