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Delphi Parallel Programming Library & Memory Managers

In September 2014 Delphi XE7 was launched. I was excited to try the new Parallel Programming Library (PPL). I thought I’d be able to quickly and easily write code which takes advantage of the processors in my Intel i7 machine. To my dismay the performance improvement were virtually non-existent if there was any memory allocation carried […]

Accelerating Towards the End of the Euro

Cyprus has swallowed the bitter pill and skimming off the cash they need for the accounts of depositors with more than €100k.  Some say this is theft.  This was my first reaction.  And if the funds were being used to simply bail the government out then I still believe it to be theft.  But those […]

Radio 5 Live Interview

Thanks to my good friend Tim Levell I was asked to comment about David Cameron’s speech on Radio 5 Live.  It was really quite a short interview and Tony Livesey (the host) positioned me as part of the “brain drain” from the UK.  I did manage to make some points.  I’m on at 8 minutes […]

Colossian 1 v 15 – 23

The second sermon by Roy Clements Thank God For Jesus Preached in 1988 at Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge

Colossians 1 v 1-14

Here’s a great sermon by Roy Clements on Colossians 1 v 1-14: Why the Church is Growing Right click and “Save Link As” to save as MP3 file